PS2G’s Healthcare practice has exciting opportunities for licensed RNs

We are looking for RNs with DC LICENSE to work with students in the DC public school system.

You will be scheduled to work between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday thru Friday when riding the OSSE-DOT school bus with the student.


The Public Sector Solutions Group (PS2G) is a technology-driven company that provides innovative solutions to state and local government partners, enabling them to achieve their performance goals and better service constituents at the most critical point of need. Our team leverages deep knowledge of government programs, IT management systems, application development, and specialized technical expertise to help clients achieve their performance goals while ensuring audit compliance and reporting for federally funded agencies.


The Office of the State Superintendent of Education - Division of Student Transportation (OSSE-DOT) is required to provide “special education transportation” at no cost for all District of Columbia students receiving special education and related services. These services are for the District of Columbia students. Their individual needs require transportation to and from education programs and related service sites by means other than public transportation and on foot.

Continuity of services must be provided, uninterrupted, throughout the school year and the extended school year, by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 34 CFR. Stable, consistent services significantly increase the quality of care and positive outcomes for students. Poor continuity of service presents an added risk to students with disabilities and is of great concern to parents and guardians.


Registered Nurse (in general): The RNs are licensed to provide practical or vocational nursing care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, health units, homes, and community health organizations. They typically work with little to no supervision from a physician and may supervise unlicensed nursing assistants.

Floater Nurse: Nurses on standby at the four terminals to provide coverage should an assigned nurse be unable to provide nurses, i.e., callouts and emergencies.


  • Registered Nurse under DC
  • Provide a comprehensive medical assessment of youth according to nursing practice standards
  • Monitor and administer medication(s) and give treatment(s)
  • Respond to and assess emergency health needs of students, if needed
  • Collaborate on an as-needed basis with OSSE-DOT and Local Education Agency (LEA) staff and parents/guardians, and any related external provider to accomplish the medical plan of care and ensure continuity of care for the student
  • Respond to and assesses emergency health needs of students
  • Document information about services rendered

Student Assistance. Clinicians assist with the mobility and transfer of students as needed.

Clinician’s Notes. Clinicians provide observation notes of students’ status and report any significant changes to the OSSE-DOT Contract Administrator.


  • BLS Certification (Required)
  • RN (Required)

Additional Information:

  • Medical specialties: Pediatrics
  • Physical setting: School
  • Standard shift: Day shift
  • Weekly schedule: Monday to Friday
  • Experience: Nursing: 1 year (Required)